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Morning Worship - March 2, 2014

The Sermon on the Mount is the most famous, yet most misunderstood message that Jesus ever preached. Some teach that living by the Sermon on the Mount is the way of salvation. They will say, "Living by the Sermon on the Mount will make you a good person and God will then accept you into heaven". This implies that salvation is a balance scale of good outweighing the bad. Of course, we do not save ourselves by living a good life, yet that is one of Satan's most successful lies. Many people in our world today believe they will go to heaven if they are a good person. But if we can save ourselves, why did Jesus need to die on the cross? Apart from the new birth in Christ, no one can live out the truths of the Sermon on the Mount. Its standards are much too righteous and holy to be met by human will-power. Only those who receive the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus can live according to the truths of the Sermon on the Mount. We will be considering the intent of Jesus' words during the Message Time this Lord's Day.


Morning Worship - February 23, 2014

From the time of Satan's temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, temptation has been a constant part of mankind's existence. People have tried to avoid temptation by a variety of means, but it cannot be done. No one has ever found a place that is void of temptation. As long as we reside in this fallen world, temptation will be a part of our existence. But to be tempted is not the same as sinning. Temptation is not sin. It is giving into temptation that is sinful, but don't foolishly put yourself in temptation's path. By learning from Jesus' example, we too can experience victory over temptation in our life. Jesus was able to resist temptation not only because He knew Scripture, but because He obeyed it. The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit by which we can resist Satan's temptations. The Scriptures tell us to put on the full armor of God so that we might withstand the schemes of Satan? Have you? We will be examining Jesus' victories over temptation during the Message Time this Lord's Day.

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Morning Worship - February 16, 2014

In the Bible's account of Jesus' birth, we read about Mary and Joseph, the angels and the shepherds, but do you remember reading about Simeon or Anna? In this past week's reading of THE STORY, we read this transition sentence between the gospel accounts of Jesus' birth, (It is in italics meaning it is a summary statement and not part of the Scriptures) "after Jesus was born . . . the new family was greeted by two older saints, Simeon and Anna, to whom God gave the opportunity to see and recognize the Messiah before the end of their days." Simeon and Anna were waiting for the Christ to come into the world, but each was waiting for a different reason. Simeon was waiting for the consolation of Israel. Anna was waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem. When Jesus came, He provided the very things Simeon and Anna were seeking: God's presence for Simeon and God's forgiveness for Anna. Jesus is able to provide what you are seeking in life. Are you seeking Him? We will be examining the consolation and redemption of Jesus during the Message Time this Lord's Day.


Morning Worship - January 26, 2013

About 16 years passed between the return of the exiles to Israel and the rebuilding of the temple. Why? The return of the Israelites to their homeland alarmed the people who were living there. They feared that a rebuilt temple would result in a thriving Jewish state which might threaten their residence in Israel's homeland. So they opposed the rebuilding of the temple. Weary of the resistance and fighting, the Israelites began thinking that maybe this wasn't the right time to rebuild the Lord's temple. Instead, they concentrated on building their own homes and settling down. So God sent His prophets, Haggai and Zechariah, to jump-start the rebuilding of the temple. Haggai's message helped shake the people out of their reluctance. Conveying the words of the Lord, Haggai said, "Give careful thought to your ways." The way Haggai motivated the Jews to rebuild the temple of God has a powerful application to our efforts to build the Lord's church. We will be examining the timeless words of Haggai during the Message Time this Lord's Day.


Morning Worship - January 19, 2013

Have you heard the phrase "Everyone has their price"? What does that mean? It conveys the idea that everyone has a point at which they will sell out their values, ethics or morals. They will compromise their standards. Is it true, that "Everyone has their price"? I suppose that is true of the world, but it ought not to be true of Christians. We ought to be true to Christ in us, so there is no price by which we would compromise the truths of God's Word.

Compromise is viewed as a good thing by most people. It sounds like positive conduct, except in the Scriptures. From numerous examples in the Bible, we learn that compromising God's standards is always wrong. Compromise in Scripture never has a good outcome, but there were occasions when people didn't compromise. Daniel provides us with the clearest illustration of what it is to live without compromise. If you want to be where God wants you to be, then don't compromise His truths. We will be examining the uncompromising life of Daniel during the Message Time this Lord's Day.


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